Atlas Strength Camp

Atlas Strength Camp

-Matthew Cavalier 

At the Atlas Strength Shop in Baton Rouge, we are launching a strength training program for the public. We are inviting anyone who wants to start lifting weights and get stronger to join our strength camp that will be happening every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening. We are going to use small group classes to efficiently and effectively help people get stronger. Our goal with this camp is to teach and coach beginning lifters and to help them learn how to lift safely and to become a stronger and more capable person.

We believe that being strong is important to have a healthy and productive life. Being strong means that a person is more physically capable of taking care of their families, taking care of their homes and being more productive in the workplace. Life is demanding in both our time and energy. Being strong and fit makes some of the burdens a little easier to bear. We also understand that many people who want to lift weights don’t necessarily want to be competitive in strength sports or push lifting to an extreme level. We understand that not everyone who walks into our gym is going to be an ammonia sniffing meathead banging his head to heavy metal. We are hoping to serve our community by giving people a place to learn how to lift with peers with the same goals as them. We aim to help you get stronger in an environment that encourages you to work hard, get better and have a good time doing it.

We also understand that time is limited! We don’t expect the members of this camp to be able to spend hours at the gym. You got kids, school, work, chores and whatever responsibilities that require your time. We are going to do a simple, no B.S. strength program that will get you where you want to be with sessions that will last no more than an hour. There are no tricks, secrets or gimmicks. We aren’t going to intimidate you with terms and concepts you haven’t heard of. We’re going to work hard and make progress, that’s it. Strength training isn’t easy, but it’s not complicated. We’re not going to go out of our way to make it so.

I am very excited for the opportunity to run this camp for the Atlas Strength Shop. Strength training is something that I really enjoy doing for myself, and I truly enjoy the chance to share that with other people. There is a lot of satisfaction that comes with watching someone you helped reach a goal. I’m hoping to do that with this camp. So, if you or anyone you know would be interested in this class, please visit our website, here.

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“Never, never let them take your spirit.”