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Atlas Strength Camp Unlimited!!!

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This is the BEST value we have available!!  Instead of paying 25 dollars per class you can get access to ALL of our Strength Camp classes AND Strongman Saturdays for only $165 a month if you subscribe!!  This is perfect if you enjoy a HIIT or Boot Camp style class but want tog get Stronger as well!!

Upon purchase you will receive a personalized code good for 30 days that will allow you to book sessions on our Strength Camp for no additional cost.  

Class Layout: 1 Hour

When you arrive a brief overview of the workout will be given followed by a Primary Movement then a Secondary Movement.  After these are completed you will do Assistance Work in a circuit format with the time remaining for the day.  After the end of the hour is complete you will have a self guided cool down and stretching portion for recovery.

It is encouraged to arrive 15 minutes early for a self guided warm up.

Note: Classes MUST be booked through the online booking feature on the Strength Camp product page! 

Single months are $195 you MUST subscribe to get 165 a month