We’re Hosting Our First Competition

We’re Hosting Our First Competition

It’s been a long time coming but on May 23rd, 2020 we will be hosting The 1st Annual Rougarou Classic at the Twin Peaks in Baton Rouge, LA. It will be sanctioned by United States Strongman

So, What Are the Events?

The first event is going to be a Max Axle Press. The name of the game is to put as much weight over your head as humanly possible and hopefully come out on top. We’ll be using Wessels rules so choose your events wisely.

The second event will be a Car Deadlift. When the judge says “Start” each competitor will have 60 seconds to deadlift their car as many times as possible. Time will start after the athlete is strapped in and has determined that they are ready.

The third event will be a 3 Keg Medley. On the command “Go” each competitor will have 60 seconds to carry three kegs 50 feet. They must start form the lightest keg and work their way up to the heaviest.

The fourth event will be a Sandbag Throw. I’m personally really looking forward to this event. On the command “Go” the competitors will have 60 seconds to throw their bags over the uprights.

The fifth and final event will be a Stone to Shoulder Series. At the command “Go” each competitor will have 120 seconds to bring 3 stones form the ground to their shoulder.

So How Do You Sign Up?

You’re in luck!!! If you want to sign up for The 1st Annual Rougarou Classic then all you must do is fill out the registration form, which you can find right here. Then PayPal $50 dollars to Cameron.ray3@gmail.com. Then you’ll need to get your USS membership card by going to the link here!!!

If you want to find out more about The 1st Annual Rougarou Classic, then you can find the event page here, the entry form here, and the weight matrix here. Also don’t forget to follow our Instagram here and like our Facebook page here.

Last but not least if you do sign up and you’re interested in personalized programming for the competition the just click the link here and choose the program that works best for you. If you have any questions at all please feel free to email me at cameron@atlasstrengthshop.com

Release the Titan in You,

Cameron Ray