Top Teer Presents: Fitness Expo and Strongman Showdown

Top Teer Presents: Fitness Expo and Strongman Showdown

-Matthew Cavalier

On September 10, 2022, New Braunfels, TX will have a strongman show. There are a lot of shows out there now, but this one caught my attention with the events. There are a couple of events that I find interesting. The first event is a head to head Ukrainian deadlift for reps. The athlete will be on top of a box or elevated platform of some type and have to deadlift a loaded pin from a crazy deficit. The winner will have the most reps in sixty seconds. I’ve never done this exercise myself, and I would love to train it and maybe do it in a competition. Next event is a good old fashioned log clean and press for reps within sixty seconds. What I find interesting in this particular show is that the athletes will be required to clean every rep. Most overhead events that I’ve seen usually require the athletes to clean the first rep and the following presses is what counts. This will require an enormous amount of energy, and should be fun to watch. The third event is a snail push to a stone medley. All athletes will be required to push a snail (a half filled with sand circle) for thirty five feet, then sprint back to the starting point to load two stones, increasing in weight, to two fifty gallon drums. I’ve never done a snail push, but it sounds horrible. The fourth event is a vertical hand over hand flag hoist for reps. The athlete will have sixty seconds to pull a weight from floor to ceiling as many times as possible. This sounds like a fun event to watch and maybe do for myself. The final event is the power stairs. As a spectator, this is a fun event to watch. It’s such a simple concept, but watching someone do it just looks awesome. Something that is very cool about this competition is that all of the events are head to head. You will have a fellow competitor next to you instead of having the stage to yourself. I’ve only done an event like that once, but it definitely increases your intensity.

So, why am I talking about a show happening in Texas? We at the Atlas Strength Shop will be providing a service for the athletes at this show. We have written a twelve week preparation program for anyone who needs it. Most athletes at these kinds of shows are amatuer athletes, just like me and probably you. We bet that many of them may lack the facility or knowledge to know how to prepare for this event. It is possible that some of these athletes do not have access to coaches and other athletes who can take the time to do their programming or give them advice on how to prepare. Or, some of these athletes have limited access to equipment to prepare for strongman competitions. I know a few personally that train out of their garage most of the time. We aim to help with that. Our goal is to provide a preparation program for strongman shows that are simple, straightforward and easy to find the equipment for. We will also give our contact information for any questions about the program or alternative exercises in case someone just can’t find what they need to train for specific events. Our goal at the Atlas Strength Shop is to do what we can to cultivate and grow the sport of strongman. We hope that our programs will help better prepare athletes. If more athletes have better preparation, then strongman competitions will have better performances. If competitions have better performances then spectators and competitors alike will have a better experience, which we hope will lead to growth. So, if you’re interested in getting a copy of this program, click here.

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