My Current Training Cycle From March to Mid April

Figured I'd let ya'll in on what I'm doing for my training for the next six weeks. My primary focus is increasing my numbers in the big three lifts for powerlifting. I would also like to maintain a good aerobic base. Below is a wire frame of what I'll be doing.
I also believe that it's important to mobilize before every training session. There isn't one set in stone way to do this but I went ahead and made a video of what I like to do. Try it out and see if you feel a little bit looser. If I were you I'd stand up and move a long with the video until you have it committed to memory. If you're unable to do this just remember to start from the top and work your way down. If it's a joint, move it around. As long as you do this then you shouldn't miss anything. Mobilization