Find Your Why.

Every day I meet people who come into the Snap Fitness that I run and I ask them all the same question, "What are your goals"? Almost as though it's a scripted answer they all start telling me the things they plan to do in the gym. Their answer usually goes something like,"I just plan to get on the elliptical a little bit and maybe hit the weights if I have time". All of these people are getting the "how" confused with the "why". Because of this so many people cancel their memberships only a few months after getting them. Did these people meet their goals in such a short period of time? Likely not. Instead these people never actually had a why in mind.Find the why The giant industry that fitness has become has done a very good job at making sure people know that they should be exercising however it has done a very poor job and helping people find their own personal "why". Then again why would they? All the fitness industry wants you to do is to buy a specific product. After that they don't care if you actually get any benefit from the Ab Launcher 4000 (made up but it sounds real enough). In fact the best thing that could happen for the companies that make these devices is for you to put it in your closet, sell it at a garage sale and then three months later buy the Pec Tornado 740XL (I should brand these now). At the end of the day all of these different tools, no matter how gimmicky are just that, tools, means to an end. That end is your why. Next time you decide to start an exercise program figure out the "why" first and work backwards from there. Here is an example of a conversation I've had a few times with different students when they first come in.

Me, "So what do you want to achieve with your membership" Student, "I just want to walk on the treadmill and maybe use a few machines" Me, "What are your goals though"? Student, "I don't really have any. I just want to be healthier." Me, "What does healthy mean to you" Student, "I just want to be in better shape" Me, "In shape for a powerlifter is not the same as in shape for a marathon runner." Student, "No nothing that extreme. I just want to lose a little bit of weight and tone up" Me, "Oh really? any particular reason" Student, "My girlfriend just dumped me and I need to get my power back"

It took us a while to get there but eventually we were able to find his "why". I'm not saying everyone's "why" is the same but it almost always stems from a place of emotion. Why isn't the "how" good enough though? Once we start exercising shouldn't that dopamine kick start to make us want to come back and do it again? Yes and no. It takes a little while to begin to enjoy exercise. As something that is done as part of are daily routine it's a relatively new concept. Back when people had to grow our own food and more people were in manufacturing jobs this wasn't as much of an issue as it is today. That coupled with the fact that our great great grandparents weren't able to get their hands on nearly as much sugar as we can today. We also have to remember that as smart as we are today we really haven't had a software update since the ice age. Our caveman brains are still wired to want us to save energy from all of the hunting and gathering we're going to be doing tomorrow. But hey, at least we now have wifi. One of the biggest reasons that people fall off of the wagon so easily though is lack of results and this stems directly from not having a clear understanding of the "why" This idea that we can just go into the gym and do a few things here and there causes many new comers to spin their wheels. It's the equivalent of getting in your car and driving around on a pretty day versus putting a destination in your GPS and taking the quickest route. This is why it is important to do your research and seek out help. Are you or anyone you know having trouble finding their "why"? Don't hesitate to reach out at or check out our Facebook in the "likebox" on this page. Thanks!! Come back soon!!