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Strength Camp

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Enjoy a class environment but hate burpees?  Want to become the Strongest You that you've ever been?  Click the link and join us for our Strength Camp Class.  It's like a Boot Camp but for people with goals more aligned with Strength Training

These classes will be based around the Squat, Bench, Deadlift, and Overhead Press Movements with accessory work typical to Powerlifting and Strongman movements 

Class Layout: 1 Hour

When you arrive a brief overview of the workout will be given followed by a Primary Movement then a Secondary Movement.  After these are completed you will do Assistance Work in a circuit format with the time remaining for the day.  After the end of the hour is complete you will have a self guided cool down and stretching portion for recovery.

It is encouraged to arrive 15 minutes early for a self guided warm up.